Why advisers need to reconsider structured products

Since the fall of Lehmans and the mis-selling of Precipice Bonds, advisers have largely steered clear of structured products. But with very positive returns from products that can potentially meet the contradictory needs of both minimising risks and earning returns, is it time for them to reconsider their prejudices?

A panel will debate ‘A New Dawn for Structured Products’, with insights from thought-leaders including Dr James Chu, the Head of Product Development at Reyker Securities. Known in the industry for designing Structured Products and presenting to industry conferences, Dr Chu leads a team to deliver wealth management and advisory products and services and also runs Reyker’s product and position monitoring.

James will be joined on the panel by Chris Taylor, Managing Director of The Investment Bridge – a specialist consultancy firm offering expert structured investment industry input to both providers and advisers. Chris has been actively involved with the structured investment industry since its earliest days in the UK, in the mid 1990’s – playing a significant role in its creation and in many of its turning points over the years. In 2015 he joined forces with Ian Lowes, of Lowes Financial Management, and the founder of StructuredProductReview.com to launch Lowes Structured Investment Centre.

Delegates are promised insights on all aspects of structured projects to help them determine which are most suitable for their clients and how to optimise the potential benefits.