Justin Urquhart-Stewart

Justin_Urquhart_Stewart (big)

Co-founder & Head of Corporate Development – Seven Investment Management

Justin was involved in the development of Big Bang in 1986 with BZW and went on to found, with others, Broker Services which eventually went on to become Barclays Stockbrokers – where he was Corporate Development Director. He and his business partner of many years founded Seven Investment Management (7IM) in 2001 to provide some “radical common sense” to change “a lazy, lethargic and self satisfied” investment industry which they saw as being primarily run for the benefit of itself rather its clients.

He is an enthusiast for greater financial education and the reform of investment structures for both investors and companies needing easier access for funding. As a result he has helped in the establishment of the educational body Proshare, and also the development of the AIM market. Currently, he is keen on developing reforms for government privatisations as well as the development of regional investment structures for businesses of all sizes. He is a regular commentator and columnist in the media and is often called upon to demystify complicated financial jargon and stories. In 2012 Justin was voted by his industry peers the institutional award for Best Industry Commentator at the City of London Wealth Management Awards.