Save the Date!

The date and venue for the Alternative Investment Summit 2013 have now been confirmed. On Wednesday 27th November 2013 Intelligent Partnership will be hosting the Alternative Investment Summit at Central Hall Westminster. The event will run from 9am to 6pm.

What is the Alternative Investment Summit you may ask?

The last two years have seen a significant increase in activity in the alternative investment sector. Enterprise Investment Schemes, Crowd Funding, Peer to Peer lending, UCIS and direct investments into land and property have all attracted attention.

Growth has been driven by a combination of innovative products, aggressive marketing, enterprises looking for new sources of capital and investors’ desire for alternatives to the mainstream asset classes. Investment has come both from traditional sources such as high net worth and sophisticated investors looking for diversification or tax incentives and from ordinary retail investors – often made possible by the flexibility of SIPPs and light touch regulation.

It’s clear that there is an appetite for alternative investments, but not all of this activity has been benign. After a series of FSA papers and alerts coupled with some high profile investment failures the sector is taking stock and preparing for much greater levels of regulatory scrutiny.

In an effort to take a step back and make sense of all the changes, this year’s Alternative Investment Summit will examine what the future might hold and where the opportunities are in the sector.

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