Alternative Investment Summit London 2013: Delegate Feedback

Intelligent Partnership, the UK’s leading authority on the alternative investments sector, hosted the inaugural Alternative Investment Summit at London’s Barbican on November 27.  The summit was accredited by the IFP and counted as 7 hours of structured CPD.

The AI Summit came about because we truly believe that alternative investments are a valuable part of investment portfolios for many clients – but in the proper advised context.  It seems that many agree with us – as the event was a sell out with attendees representing providers, professionals and planners from across the industry. We were particularly heartened by the number of advisers who put their hands in their pockets and took a day out to attend.

A glittering array of speakers, led by keynote speaker Nicola Horlick of Rockpool Investments, explored how alternative investments can be part of the suitability process which is core to quality financial planning through a mix of engaging presentations and lively panel debate. The day was anchored brilliantly by David Stevenson of the FT’s Adventurous Investor column, and other highlights included Giles Andrews of Zopa, Jason Pope from the FCA and illuminating sessions on the implications of recommending alternatives by Bovill, the compliance consultancy. Panel sessions formed a big part of the day, with the crowdfunding session including Jeff Lynn of Seedrs and Rhydian Lewis of a particular favourite.

The energy and debate wasn’t limited to the Barbican; Twitter buzzed too with the hashtag #AISummit as delegates and speakers carried on discussions and shared thoughts with a broader audience.

“Just interviewed Jason Pope from the FCA on recommending alternatives. Key points – do the DD, only for the right clients” Dan Kiernan (Intelligent Partnership)

“congrats on great summit yesterday – good material, great format and superb production #AISummit”  (Andrew Roberts – Barnet Waddingham)

The positivity and energy evident on the day was also reflected in delegate feedback which we gathered via a short questionnaire.  An overwhelming majority (87% of respondents) rated the summit as either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ with no-one rating the day as ‘unsatisfactory’.  We’ll take that as a win.

90% of respondents would recommend the AI summit to a friend or colleague.  We’ll take that as another win.

Drilling down into what delegates most valued from the day; EIS and SEIS were most commonly ranked top (40%), followed by Funds, NMPI and Direct Investments on 33% with crowdfunding close behind on 27%.

Here’s the big one for us. As the alternative investment sector grows and develops away from its niche beginnings, delegate feedback suggests that it could increasingly have a place in the advice process alongside more mainstream investments.  All respondents agreed that more advisers should be considering alternative investments for their clients. 70% felt strongly about it.

That’s our challenge then – to help more advisers do more for more clients in the alternatives sector. We’re up for that challenge with a tonne of support and support materials.

So that’s this year – what about the future?  That’s looking positive too. 87% of respondents said that they’d be attending.

Seeing as you insist, then…watch this space for the 2014 date.

Thanks go to all our speakers, everyone who helped organise the Summit, staff at the Barbican and of course all our delegates.

You can see a full display of the interim feedback results here.


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